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Marine clients directly benefit from our Marine Gold service. With this service we can provide a single point of contact for their entire Marine and Non Marines insurances through a single local rate phone number. Our phone line is staffed by trained insurance administrators so a real person will answer the phone.

We can cover both Blue Water (Ocean Navigating) and Brown Water (inland and river) marine businesses and vessels.

Below are some examples of Marine policies we can arrange-

Protection & Indemnity – Covers your Liability to third parties. For example damage to third party vessels in the event of a collision or pollution discharged from a vessel.

Hull & Machinery – We can arrange to protect your vessels and machinery whilst taking into account the fact that many vessels are owned by interested parties. We also take into account the fact that a marine vessel’s true value is not always what it costs to buy but its earning potential to the policyholder.

Charterers Liability – Many businesses Charter vessel from the vessel’s owner and run them as if their own ship, using their own crew.

War, Kidnap & Ransom – Many Blue water vessels sail in areas at risk of Piracy. It is often the policy of Governments to not pay ransom demands to Pirates or Terrorists in the event of Marine Employees being taken Hostage. Therefore Kidnap & Ransom cover can be arranged for crew and vessels navigating unstable regions.

Crew Personal Accident – Ship Owners are responsible for crew claims from death, accident & illness. Policies can be arranged to benefit the Ship’s Officers, crew and their dependents.

Port Authorities, Ship Repairers & Builders– Specialist cover can be arranged to cover marine based businesses Liabilities, Property & Equipment. Examples of cover include-

  • Loss or damage to customers Caro, Ships & Equipment
  • Third Party Liability from sudden accidental Pollution
  • Wreck Removal costs
  • Costs arising from errors and omissions including delay and unauthorised delivery
  • Fines for regulatory breach including e.g. customs, pollution and safety at work
  • Assets and liabilities faced by shipyards constructing new vessels, conversion projects or carrying out repair and maintenance programmes

Marine Cargo
Marine Businesses we quote for-

  • Marine Boat operators
  • Port & Terminal Authorities
  • Marina’s
  • Ship Repairers & Ship Builders
  • Marine Engineers
  • Specialist risks such as research vessels and off shore energy generation and maintenance
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Marine Insurance

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