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Are your electronic gadgets covered?

GadgetIn recent years the value of electronic gadgets people carry has significantly increased. For instance, 10 years ago mobile phones would probably have been automatically covered under a basic personal possessions cover. Electronic gadgets includes items like smart phones, tablets, e-readers and laptops.

Now that the average person carries several hundred pounds of technology in their pocket, average claims for loss of personal possessions have increased. This means that some insurers will only cover such items if separately specified on the insurance policy and agreed by the insurer. People can get caught out if they have assumed their smart phone and other technology are automatically covered. 

It is therefore important that you fully understand what your insurance policy does and does not cover. Each insurer will have a different attitude to different issues. So it is important to make sure your insurer is the right one for you.

At Stuart & Co we keep a close eye on the insurance market and understand how insurer’s attitudes change over time. When we provide an insurance quote, we will give a full review of the insurance to ensure we provide you will the correct cover and the right insurer.


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